Travelling With a Toddler

Monday, October 05, 2015 Ines Lapaix 0 Comments

Hello there!

So with a 2 year old you can't (unfortunately) just get your favourite book with a skinny latte and get on the the train, plane, car or however you're getting to your destination. 

Recently we went on holiday and although the plane journey was only 3 hours, toddlers have a mind of their own -they might be our little angels or they might be over-tired and not want to sleep, I will never understand that, there is a very fine line between the child being tired enough to sleep and being a little bit too tired and actually becoming slightly delusional. Or they might throw a tantrum, And they have no chill button!

It's hard work but you don't need 20 bags with stuffed animals and loads of other toys, mainly because you most probably have a stroller, and just like that you have ran out of hands. I just had an extra large dipper bag hanging on the stroller as a carry on bag. In it I had grapes, and other little snacks, her favourite cup, empty of course or you'll be standing at security trying to drink it all so they dont take the cup, its just water! But you can buy a bottle once inside and fill it. Her favorite stuffed animal -Geoffrey-, her dummy in case she wants to sleep, a blanket, 2 or 3 books including a colouring & sticker book, I found a Peppa pig one that thankfully had both, and of course, the iPad. 
Yes my 2 year old has an iPad (by that I mean she's the main user of it, I only use it for my theory practice and her dad never uses it, so it's more like the house's iPad, but then again, the house doesn't use it either -laughs at own cheesy joke. Again) its filled with all her favorite apps, from Peppa pig, Disney junior and baby Einstein, to learning Spanish and learning how to count. I got a this amazing foam case with handles that they can throw! You can buy it from PC World for like £25, but you can find the exact same one on Amazon or eBay. And even though I know it's definitely a luxury and not a necessity, it has gotten me out of a few sticky situations, like when you need to do laundry and your child isn't going to play tea parties by herself, or of course, when traveling long distances.

In conclusion,and of course in my opinion the recipe to a pleasant journey, not just for you but for other fellow passengers, is loads of yummy snacks, hopefully (fingers crossed) followed by a long nap and tons of compact entertainment. This is what has worked for me and my toddler so far therefore keeping me happy and sane! XOXO


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