Terrible Twos

Friday, October 02, 2015 Ines Lapaix 0 Comments

So my daughter just turned 2. How? When? Why? Can I just say she's 1 year and 12 months?

 I remember her being born, and oh, how fast she latched on, I couldn't wait to introduce solids! Even though I loved breastfeeding (and I did till lily was 16 months old) I wanted to cook for her and make her yummy organic recipes. It lasted about a month, she hated my cooking! I would try and try but she wasn't having it and I felt so deflated and a slight failure that my own baby didn't like my food. Instead she loved those pouches of nastiness that I was so strongly against (of course now she loves my cooking and I love cooking for her again).

 When I was pregnant, there was two things I was very clear on, I wanted neutral colours for my baby girl and I wanted to cook for her. Well both failed, no one tells you they don't do toys in beige! Everything's pink or red or yellow, green, pink, blue and orange, What am I meant to match that with? Doesn't go with my couch! I remember trying desperately to teach her to crawl, then she did and I could never leave anything on the floor, then, I taught her to walk, then she learnt how to climb on the couch, now I can't go to the toilet in peace and if I am in peace, I have to worry and run because something's wrong. Sometimes she will rub sudocrem on her clothes, after it took me 20 minutes to chose her outfit! Sometimes she will give peppa pig a drink, yes Lily, peppa wanted a litre of water down her whist she sits on the couch, now I have to dry the couch! But we were meant to be out the door 40 mins ago! and Sometimes she will empty my handbag and hide my cards. The other day she opened my Laura Mercier lip stain and rubbed it on her face, on the iPad and the sofa, I am still recovering. and those are the good days.

 Now "MUM, MUM, MUM" has started, have you ever watched that episode of family guy when Stewie is calling Lewis, and when she answers he just laughs? That's my life! Lily will say my name 5 times during a sentence, it's like she uses my name as a comma, and sometimes I hear it so much I just want to cry.

 But to be honest I can't complain too much because even though she does all that, she's such a good kid. She is very curious which is the product of most said stories but she's not really naughty and she cracks me up everyday, yesterday she asked me if I was happy, when I told her I was, she came over and planted a kiss on my forehead. But people really scare you with terrible twos stories! So believe me I'm frightened, I am just waiting to wake up one day with no hair or permanent marker across my face. From one frightened parent to another, good luck. XOXO
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