Post Pregnancy Bods

Friday, October 09, 2015 Ines Lapaix 0 Comments

It's me again, 

So pre pregnancy I would moan about my body all the time, of course now looking back I would die for it. I had time to go to the gym, eat my yummy salad at my favourite restaurant and take the stairs, oh how I miss taking the stairs!

Losing those unwanted pounds can be hard, mainly because after you have a baby, they are your main priority, just the thought of going to the gym (at least for me when Lily was a baby) tearing yourself away from this precious being is upseting, but the sooner you loose it, the easier it is. If you leave it, it starts to become nearly impossible to get rid of those pounds! 
After Lily I pretty much bounced back, however, I breast feed for 15 months, yes I know, and although some women carry on losing weight, I gained it, breastfeeding makes you SO hungry! (But I can't put it all down to breastfeeding, there was other factors that contributed as well). 
I have not been breast feeding for about 9 months and the weight is slowly coming off, i mean, VERY slowly. 

The best tip I can give is water, it is recommend to drink 2 litres per day, which I try to do, not only is water an amazing way to help your body to get rid of toxins, it's great to help clear your skin because after a baby with the hormonal imbalance we all get spots, say bye bye to that amazing pregnancy glow, the strong nails and beautiful hair (about 6-8 months postpartum I lost so much hair, I thought I'd have to chop it all off). And of course I think the best thing you can do is eat good, indulge from time to time but unlike me, have self control. I can't sit there with an opened bar of galaxy and just let it be! 

And love yourself, it's so easy to be your own worst critic, and of course it's okay to want to better yourself, not just physically, but understand that just because you look or feel a certain way today, if you work on whatever it is, it will change, you will improve. And The way you view yourself is so important, I can't highlight that enough, when I look in the mirror and I'm having what we call a fat day, it doesn't give me a push to go gym but to sit down with chocolate and sweets and cry, what I am trying to say is that even though working out is important, body confidence is also. You might not look how you did before, you might even look better. Embrace your new body, your flaws, they are what make you you, and that beautiful body of yours is what brought you your most treasured gift. As long as you can work towards a healthy BMI, it's perfect. I'm definitely not where I want to be but I'm better than I was yesterday.

And of course as our babies get older they become more active, therefore forcing you to be more active and to play and to run. I would love to tell you that the weight naturally falls off (a few lucky mothers are lucky enough to say that, but not all of us have that luxury) but being an active mother helps. And to finish of, If no one has told you today, you are beautiful. XOXO

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