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Tuesday, October 06, 2015 Ines Lapaix 0 Comments

Hello again,

So I love shopping as much as the next person. Wait, no that's an understatement, I love shopping as much as Kim Kardashian, unfortunately for me I don't have her money so you see my problem. I have no more storage for my make up or my shoes, or my clothes (silently sobs) but of course there's always something we "need", and we make excuses as to why we must have that, -I might have 20+ Make up brushes but I don't have a rose gold contour brush, I mean look at it! I need it!

 So I thought I would get all my latest bit together and show them to you guys.
Ps. It was my birthday recently so some of these products are gifts from friends and family.

(Im sorry, I tried to take one of those cute insta pics but it just looks like cluttered mess, I suck at photographing stuff)

Anyways, I got an eyebrow pencil from soap and glory which I actually got by mistake, they have another one with this felt tip thing I've ran out off which is what I wanted but I love this one even more! It has an eyebrow brush and a super thin pencil on the other side (very creamy and easy to apply)
Real techniques has come out with a new set of brushes and I've been dying to get my hands on them, unfortunately at £22 a pop, it's a splurge for me, but it's SO soft! I love her, I shall name her Rosie (Number 301).
The Chanel soleil tan I've wanted forever, but every time I went to get it, it was sold out, it's a really nice cream bronzer (haven't used it enough to have formed an opinion on it).

Maybeline eraser eye in nude, best drugstore concealer.
EOS lip balm in pomegranate, I know I am so late to the bandwagon but it was new to boots and I had to have it (of course).
Benefit porefessional.
MAC lip pencil in subculture, new fave!
Essie in wicked (on my second bottle, my favourite Autumn colour)
OPI nail envy strengthener because my nails are really upset with me, I've been wearing acrylics all summer, I don't want to wear them but my nails are brittle from wearing them so I put them back on, and it's becoming a vicious cycle.
Essie millionails for the same reason.

And Finally Barry M nail polishes, gelly shine in Cotton & Chai. And that's the end, I really loved making this blog post, mainly because I love make up shopping, I hope you enjoyed it too XOXO


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