New season, new beauty and fashion loves

Sunday, September 27, 2015 Ines Lapaix 0 Comments

So believe it or not it's now autumn, and even though I used to hate it, now that I am a mum I love it. It gets darker earlier, we can have cosy nights in, with a movie and some popcorn, and you get to wear a fabulous big coat. Although most of us have staples in make up and in fashion that we love all throughout the year there are things that we change with the new seasons.

Today for the first time in about six months I am wearing a plum lip and I painted my nails in wicked by Essie. And because live in London I never really put all my coats away, but today I wore an oversized cosy scarf, and I loved it!

If I had to do my top must haves for autumn/winter they would be; A dark lip. Burgundy, grey or a mauve nail. Plaid wool scarfs. A dewy foundation (my favourite is by bourjois), because get dry skin with the colder months. And my love for sunglasses is everlasting (wherever I go, I have a pair of sunnies on  my head) but in winter and autumn a like a really big dark pair. And we'll of course we have to add statement outerwear! For this year I am feeling a fluffy sleeveless coat coming my way. And lastly For perfume, I have been wearing Chloe for about 5 years (all year round) so it would HAVE it be it. 


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